Lab 4: Research Methods SPRING 2010

21 Apr

We have high expectations at at Hunter College Psychology Dept.  Students must complete four APA projects and papers.  For the final lab, students must develop their own research question, run a study from start to finish, write up the paper according to APA guidelines, and then present the study to class!

No wonder I called this BLOG, No pain. No gain. This is no easy feat, but by this point of the course, my students know that research methods is like riding a bike. They know how to do it.   At the moment, they are beginning to collect their data for  the final project.  I am here to help them when problems and questions arise.  They can also use this entry to write about how their projects are going, ask questions, and get answers from me, the TA, and classmates!

What is the question,  Why is it important, What is new… Not sure what instrument to use? Not sure how to proceed?  Ask yourself, WHAT IS MY QUESTION?

I have high hopes for this group of students!  They have excellent ideas and passion. Read more about it right here!

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