Grading Students

27 May

Within some minutes of posting college level students grades for the semester, I already have my first email…

“Prof. Striano. Why did I get a …..  ”

I’m sure more of these will come.   Ironically, the email did not even follow instructions for contacting Professor, correct subject heading… so my assistant likely deleted it.  (see section on contacting professors).

Also see section on it is advised not to:

During or in relation to class, it is not advised to:

1. provide written or verbal excuses in person or in writing

2. leave notes under professor’s office door or leave notes with assistants

3. hand in assignments at a time except during class when asked by professor, or unless advisedotherwise by your professor or teaching assistant

4. arrive late

5. use the internet or phone during class

6. skip class

7. fall asleep or put your head on the desk

8. write unprofessional emails or letters or phone messages

9. come to office without an appointment, unless during office hours

10. treat your classmates or professor in an unprofessional or disrespectful manner

11. use class equipment for non-class related work

12. have food or liquid near equipment

13. ask to be removed from a group that you selected to work with


One third of your final grade is reduced for each occurrence of the above. For eachindividual occurrence. For one occurrence, an A goes to A minus, a C plus to a C. Fortwo, an A goes to B+ etc.


I. Class participation: 30 percent of your grade

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