31 Aug

First day of class went very well today! We reviewed expectations and the relation between excelling in research methods class and excelling in the real world. The strategy for success is exactly the same.

The only problem was that the “smart” classroom equipment was not working. But, the teacher was prepared with handouts (and reminded the students about the section of the syllabus called prepare for disaster).

Speaking of disasters, we were upset with the cleanliness of the classroom. Dust bunnies, food on the floor, dust, and fleas attacking us. Based on my assessment, the room has not been cleaned for 12 months. Prof. has already informed the higher-ups… and hopes that classroom will be FLEA-FREE next Tuesday so we can all do our work effectively.

NOTE: That blog assignment number (with photo) may be handed in next week on one piece of paper (not more than one piece!)

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