A nice link on writing paper

22 Sep



The link above is excellent on APA style. You can even download a powerpoint presentation. Check it out.


One Response to “A nice link on writing paper”

  1. TriciaStriano September 22, 2010 at 2:13 pm #

    Of course, dont’t forget: What’s the question, what is new, why is it important?
    Follow your APA guide, version number 6. Write in active tense, in your own words. The total paper due is 6 pages. Why is it not 12 pages? Because I want it to be perfect.

    Title page (1)
    Abstract (2)
    Introduction (3)
    Method & Results (4)
    Discussion (5)
    References (6)

    Please double and triple check that your paper is in APA style, check all grammar, punctuation, etc.
    Also rememeber to look at your grading rubric. Still worried about your writing? Exchange papers with your class partners and check one anothers work. Or take a look at the writing section of this blog.

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