Research and bike riding

10 Nov

Research is like riding a bike.  Worried about falling off your bike? Slow down.   Think about your data, enter mock data into SPSS today. Think about  your variables.  Love your data and spend time with them…  How do your descriptive stats look? Didn’t obtain the pattern you want? Look at individual scores – did the majority fit the pattern you predicted.  Always be looking out for errors (stones and branches on the street).. avoid accidents by keeping your eyes on the road (or on the data in this case).  

Remove all thoughts from your head if these do not relate to your project.  WHen do you get the chance to forget about your exams, worries, etc. and just think about your research project. It is like meditation.   We love research methods! 

Write actively and don’t worry!  Write it as you say it.  Have fun.

Review your stats.  Spend time with your APA manual, data, and lab…

One Response to “Research and bike riding”

  1. Victoria Maksimets November 11, 2010 at 4:40 am #

    Dear Professor Striano and class,

    Today was a great class.
    Thanks for helping me with my own issues in class today that was very helpful.


    Victoria Maksimets

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