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SPRING 2012! You Tube Commercials: Prepping for Lab 1

16 Feb

Dear Class, 

Please post your You-Tube “Teaser” commercial here.  If your group was asked to make modifications, please do that prior to posting.  

Please bring your stimuli to class on Tuesday for Lab 1, assuming you have this ready.  

AMONG OTHERS Topics we covered this week were:

How to ask a question 

How to develop a question

How to write references in APA style

How to decide upon a statistic

Difference between Directional and Non-Directional hypothesis

Research Methods Class Colloquium

12 Dec

Hi Class!  We are in room NORTH 611 tomorrow for our symposium.

Post your presentations here.  By posting you agree that your presentation can also be shown to students in future classes!  Thanks for making research methods class so much fun.

Otherwise, you can bring your presentation on disk/drive as we discussed in lab last week.

Note, please try to import videos into Voice Thread. If there are any problems, please upload them onto the class YouTube Station.

Our symposium will begin promptly at 10:10, it is great if you can have your projects uploaded prior.   If you have chosen not to be video taped, please let me

know prior to tomorrow.

As promised, you are ready and gliding now! (:

Practice makes perfect. See you in the morning!





How to Ask for a Reference Letter, Part II: The Template – Jodi Glickman – Harvard Business Review

6 Dec

How to Ask for a Reference Letter, Part II: The Template – Jodi Glickman – Harvard Business Review.


This is a nice article on how to ask for a reference.

Be sure to give 4 weeks to write the reference.

Give a list of all schools, programs, dates.


Thinking ahead

8 Nov

One of the most important things you can do in planning your research is to plan your statistics and data entry.  Before you collect your data, be sure that you know what your data will look like and how you will enter these into a statistical program. Will you enter two numbers or 200 numbers?  Will you run a t-test? If so, how you you plan to enter your numbers? Before you begin your final project, be sure to make an SPSS datafile and enter some mock data.  There is nothing worse than collecting your data- just to learn that you did not obtain data in the form that you needed.  When in doubt, ask yourself “What is the Question?” Then be sure that you obtain data and enter these data in a way that answers your question.  

Extra Credit

29 Oct

Hi Class.  You may do one extra credit. Select one from below. For full credit, each should take about 5 hours (3 hours for the class you missed and 2 hours prep).

You Tube video on Lab 1: Re-do lab 1 on video and, based on what you have learned in class, show class how to do a research study from start to finish. You may use the data we collected in class.  5 minute video

Develop You Tube Video: How to critique a research paper, based on what we learned in class. 5 minute video

Develop You Tube video on the theme: Scandals in Science. 5 minute video

Write two paper critiques and present findings to class. Articles provided upon request if you select this one.


I would imagine that the students

28 Sep

reading this blog entry are the same students who arrived to our first class on time (and are not the students who need to be reading it!).  This was the day that your professor said that she ran her class like a business. Maybe Donald Trump is reading, and would like to start a new series where the Professor can say, “You fail!”  Then we don’t even have to get to the “You are fired!”  

In the economy today, with a jobless rate of 9.2 percent (read links above, if you like),  I want to be sure that my students have the skills they need to succeed. This not only means the skills to survive my research methods class, but the skills to survive in life.   How can any professor let a student graduate, or pass her class, if they do not have the basic skills to succeed in the real world?  I do not want my students unemployed.  I want them to become doctors, lawyers, economists – and to take good care of their elderly professor in 30 years!  I cannot pass students who cannot follow instructions. If you become a nurse and I am on the operating table, it will come back to haunt me.  Doctor says, “Give her drug X.”  Nurse (that I let pass my class 20 years before) gives me drug Y (i.e., can’t follow instructions)…. Nurse thinks, “Oh, too bad my nice professor died.  Wow, she got old!  She gave me an A in Research Methods and was so damn nice!” 

I want you to to nail jobs, to have confidence, skills, and knowledge.  There are thousands of students taking research methods right now.  How do you expect to set yourself apart from the rest?   Showing up to class, reading instructions, asking questions when you have them, and keeping it all under control is a good start.   Stop looking at your cell phones (even your iphones) and start looking at yourself.  Write a plan for success. Nobody forced you to take my class.  If you do not have time for the class, withdraw or find time.  I have spoken at length with you about time management – were you in class that day? 

If you were an employee at a company and were 1) late  2) did not do an assignment on time 3) did not show up to work 4) did not follow instructions, you would be fired.  There are consequences in the real world and there are consequences in my classes.   

If you were not happy with your paper, if you did not understand, if your computer broke, if you were confused, did not follow instructions, you may hand in your paper next Wednesday (or re-submit your paper) October 5th.   I would imagine that the same people who will be taking this route did not follow instructions on the syllabus, did not come to all classes, etc… and I imagine that they are struggling in the ‘real world’ just as they are in my class. We learn in research methods about chance, correlations, and about manipulating variables (true experiments like we talked about in class yesterday).   Want to change an outcome?  Manipulate a variable.  Shut your phone.  Find your passion.  Get more sleep.  Follow instructions…. Pull yourselves together and watch the change in your grades and success! 

Anyone handing in paper (or resubmitting a paper) next Wednesday 

You will begin with grade of C and will be graded from there. 

Due at 5 pm

In TA mailbox.

Hard copy only. 

Link for SURVEY Here.

28 Sep

Post your survey link here.