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20 Sep

Can you find the original source?

One important part of research methods is detecting good research, communicating research to the public, and being able to critique research that you read or hear about about in the news (not to mention in journals!).

Find a current (within 3 months) popular publication/news article on topic related to social psychology (social development, social psychology etc.)

What is the question addressed?

Why is this an important question?

What is new?

How was the question addressed?

What can you tel l  us about the author?

Is there any information about grant funding? And/or about the authors?

Are there ethical concerns?

What is the reference of the article discussed?

Engage 5 students.

Post your link one week before your presentation so everyone can read it! In addition, post answers to the above questions. Come to class ready to present and discuss. Class will also blog about the article. In addition, questions from presentations, etc. may be on tests. You must engage at least 10 students during your presentation. Be creative! Your presentation should last 15 minutes.

This assignment is an important part of your participation grade. Speak clearly, smile, be prepared.

You may use research from

Science Daily