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Is this ethical? What is debriefing?

20 Sep

Are these important questions? 

Are these assignments ethical?

Should these be grant funded? (ie., by your taxes)? 

Assignment 2: Design your consent form

27 Aug

You would like to do a study on cookie preferences. You will test 20 people to see if they like crumb cookies better than traditional cookies.

Write your consent form. Include all elements. See your book TOPIC 12,

What are the elements of a consent form? List those here.

Ethical considerations in research

Post your consent form here.

Consent forms

27 Aug

Do an internet search on consent forms.  What is the purpose of consent forms in psychology studies?

Find 3 consent forms for psychology studies on internet.

Post links here.

What are essential parts of a consent form?

Did you three consent forms include all essential parts?

Assignment: APS Observer – How Random Is That?

27 Aug

APS Observer – How Random Is That?.


16 Aug

Why did the researcher do this? (opinion)

Why is it so important to keep good records in your research?

How might research differ in controlled settings versus in more naturalistic settings?


14 Aug

Class Assignment: Ethics & Media

12 Aug

After you read the article, Expert on Morality Is on Leave After Research Inquiry, in the NYTimes 11 August 2010, Find a case of data fraud in the media. Tell us about it.. here are some ideas to consider in your response:  How was the case handled? How did it end?  What did you learn from the article?   How do you think Universities should handle data fraud cases?  How should journals react?   What can students do?   What does this mean in terms of your understanding of science?   

Write your answer in 200-500 words.  Come prepared to share your findings with the class. 

Include a link to the article you found and your answer.