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How to give a research powerpoint presentation

1 May

*stick with topic.

*relevant points and references that are accurate.

* Building up a story (What the question, why important, what new?)

* Remember to describe methods in order they happen.  Before I care about what the stimuli looked like, I want a feeling of where the participant was seated. How far from the screen, etc etc.   LIKE YOU ARE DIRECTING A MOVIE!

* Make slides more visual, pretend your audience is a subject in the study, what did they see, for how long  etc.

Powerpoint Presentation Critiques

28 Mar

Some more general tips:

  • legibility – make sure the font style suits your purposes and that the colors and font size is appropriate for distance reading
  • keep everything uniform. That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘all the same,’ but that your formatting has a system
  • make sure the conclusions and content are mostly about YOUR PROJECT, and not other people’s publications
  • simplify technical talk; it’s easier to verbally be explained a complex idea than to read about it

Dressing for Video Communication

7 Mar

Class Presentations of Lab 1

3 Mar

I wish that I had a video camera today when my class was presenting their results from lab 1!  They were just perfect!

How often can a professor say that nearly 20 students gave optimal presentations!    Is it the blog? The professor?  A very smart group of students?  Only a study can tell us for sure!

Speaking of smart.. many of them dressed very “smart”   .. that’s British English for they looked as great as they presented!

How to give a short presentation (tips)

24 Feb

Class, You have a powerpoint presentation next Wed on your LAB 1. Plan ahead. Have fun.

Intermodal matching of emotional expressions in young children with autism

24 Feb

Intermodal matching of emotional expressions in young children with autism
Ronit Kahana-Kalman, Sylvie Goldman

More on presenting…We will make a survey to assess these

22 Feb