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SPRING 2012! You Tube Commercials: Prepping for Lab 1

16 Feb

Dear Class, 

Please post your You-Tube “Teaser” commercial here.  If your group was asked to make modifications, please do that prior to posting.  

Please bring your stimuli to class on Tuesday for Lab 1, assuming you have this ready.  

AMONG OTHERS Topics we covered this week were:

How to ask a question 

How to develop a question

How to write references in APA style

How to decide upon a statistic

Difference between Directional and Non-Directional hypothesis

QR WINS! Here are your cool results

21 Sep

Here are the data for Lab 1.  You will use these data for your first lab, regadless of whether you collected your data alone or in a group. All students will have a similar result section.   Overall, we found that 477 people preferred the QR ad and 363 preferred the Traditional ad. 


477 out of 840 adults preferred the QR ad.  A binomial test revealed that adults preferred the QR ad, p < 0001.




10 Sep


Lab 1 article

5 Jul

Cookies & Crumbs: Helvetica or Comic Sans?

16 Feb

Group 1: 64 (H) versus 36 (CS)

Group 2: 67 (H) versus 55 (CS)

Group 3: 66 (H) versus 34 (CS)

Group 4: 69 (H) versus 31 (CS)

Group 5: 47 (H) versus 53 (CS)


N = 522

Helvetica total = 313

Comic sans total = 209

Test probability = .50 because there are two groups with equal probability (i.e., chance is that 50 percent of people should take Helvetica flyer and 50 percent should take Comic Sans).

Observed probability is .60 (Helvetica) versus .40 (Comic Sans). 2 tailed sinificance = .000 (p <.0001).

CLASS: Place your one page summary here.  Remember to write in your summary what group you were in, where you collected your data, and what interesting events happened as you did Lab 1.

Remember to take your APA books out this week as you writ  up your paper. Also, Prof asked for a Frequency graph in your paper.

APA writing link

22 Sep

A nice link on writing paper

22 Sep

The link above is excellent on APA style. You can even download a powerpoint presentation. Check it out.