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23 Mar


UPDATED: Grading rubric available – revised Oct. 31, 2010!

15 Sep

Soc Exp rubric rev

LAB 3: Nutrition & Labels ABSTRACTS

20 Apr

For undergraduate research methods class, students all participated in the same lab.  The laboratory was designed to assess the influence of reading a nutritional booklet on subsequent looking at nutritional labels.   Students then had to write a paper in APA format.   Here we can see how about 20 different students wrote their abstracts.   Based on what we  have learned in class, let’s look at all of these abstracts and engage in the practice of “peer-review.” This is a great way to learn how to write an abstract. It is a beneficial exercise especially for non native speakers of English and a great way for people who have not taken Striano’s Research Method’s class to learn about abstract writing.

Now I have asked students in my class to review two abstract that they did not write. How do they critique each one? How would they suggest to rewrite it based on what we have learned in class?

Please choose an abstract that has not been reviewed 3 times.

This is also a way for the professor to see who has actually completed the assignment.   It makes grading really easy at the end of the semester. The assignment is due by midnight. Let’s see who is most likely to nail this assignment and is on the way to an A+ in  my Research Methods Class. NO PAIN. NO GAIN!

External visitors to the Research Methods BLOG are also encouraged to comment on these abstracts.  My class would love to hear from you!