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Research Methods Class Colloquium

12 Dec

Hi Class!  We are in room NORTH 611 tomorrow for our symposium.

Post your presentations here.  By posting you agree that your presentation can also be shown to students in future classes!  Thanks for making research methods class so much fun.

Otherwise, you can bring your presentation on disk/drive as we discussed in lab last week.

Note, please try to import videos into Voice Thread. If there are any problems, please upload them onto the class YouTube Station.

Our symposium will begin promptly at 10:10, it is great if you can have your projects uploaded prior.   If you have chosen not to be video taped, please let me

know prior to tomorrow.

As promised, you are ready and gliding now! (:

Practice makes perfect. See you in the morning!





Thinking ahead

8 Nov

One of the most important things you can do in planning your research is to plan your statistics and data entry.  Before you collect your data, be sure that you know what your data will look like and how you will enter these into a statistical program. Will you enter two numbers or 200 numbers?  Will you run a t-test? If so, how you you plan to enter your numbers? Before you begin your final project, be sure to make an SPSS datafile and enter some mock data.  There is nothing worse than collecting your data- just to learn that you did not obtain data in the form that you needed.  When in doubt, ask yourself “What is the Question?” Then be sure that you obtain data and enter these data in a way that answers your question.  

Hi Class! Post your final project here

17 May

Voice thread lab 4 post it here

7 Dec

On Wednesday we will present final projects for research methods.  Post your project here.  See you all tomorrow!  SMILE!

UPDATED: Grading rubric available – revised Oct. 31, 2010!

15 Sep

Soc Exp rubric rev

LAB Four: Post your presentation here!

13 May

My research methods class gave excellent presentations today!  I loved this class!  Great job!

Lab 4: Research Methods SPRING 2010

21 Apr

We have high expectations at at Hunter College Psychology Dept.  Students must complete four APA projects and papers.  For the final lab, students must develop their own research question, run a study from start to finish, write up the paper according to APA guidelines, and then present the study to class!

No wonder I called this BLOG, No pain. No gain. This is no easy feat, but by this point of the course, my students know that research methods is like riding a bike. They know how to do it.   At the moment, they are beginning to collect their data for  the final project.  I am here to help them when problems and questions arise.  They can also use this entry to write about how their projects are going, ask questions, and get answers from me, the TA, and classmates!

What is the question,  Why is it important, What is new… Not sure what instrument to use? Not sure how to proceed?  Ask yourself, WHAT IS MY QUESTION?

I have high hopes for this group of students!  They have excellent ideas and passion. Read more about it right here!