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Pop Tarts & Research Methods: What’s the relation?

9 Aug

The twins who test better

13 Jul

Placebo effect

22 Jun

The science of happy marriage

11 May


How to give a research powerpoint presentation

1 May

*stick with topic.

*relevant points and references that are accurate.

* Building up a story (What the question, why important, what new?)

* Remember to describe methods in order they happen.  Before I care about what the stimuli looked like, I want a feeling of where the participant was seated. How far from the screen, etc etc.   LIKE YOU ARE DIRECTING A MOVIE!

* Make slides more visual, pretend your audience is a subject in the study, what did they see, for how long  etc.

Modeling Referential Actions in 6 to 18 month old infants

17 Mar

Paper for Critique 3

10 Mar

The Path From Identity Commitments to Adjustment: Motivational Underpinnings and Mediating Mechanisms

Luyckx, Schwartz, et al.