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15 Aug

Here are some lab write ups: LAB 2

7 Apr

Lab2-Coffee Cost

Lab2-Coffee Sleep

Student-selected Surveys

24 Mar
Loved the survey, but i think its because I love to shop. It asked me alot of questions that were open ended, but requested a short response, so I liked that. I didn’t feel like my responses had to be a sentence long.


  • black text on white background is easy to read
  • overall clean presentation of the survey and easy to use


  • only one demographic question, everything else is a likert scale
  • extremely long (75 questions/statements)
  • some statements are not clearly phrased and hard to understand
  • some statements such as “It is immoral to be lazy” and “Our nation has a glorious history” don’t seem to be relevant to politics
  • some statements are repeated such as “Correct grammar doesn’t matter” and “Correct grammar is important.”


The title of the survey was attracting which made me take the survey.

There were different questions.  The survey had open-ended, multiple choice and liker scale questions.

Each question had enough choices that it was hard for you not to answer them.


I feel that the survey was kind of short.  Not too many questions.

I feel that there were too many choices and that could be overwhelming for the person who is answering the survey.

The page was really boring and it seemed like nothing was happening with the survey.  The person needs to make the survey page come to life and attract people to want to take the survey.

Survey 2: Personality/ The Big Five survey


1.  Long and very in detail

2.  Scale was exact, not so small and not so large

3.  I enjoyed doing it and how precise the results were after it was done (subjective)


1.  Some questions were very situational and so it made it difficult to answer and put it on the scale.
pros: easy to understand, visually pleasing, interesting subject, easy to find
cons: font too small, too many questions

Pros – choices are exhaustive, gets a sense of who their readers are by including demographics and what they like to do

Cons – it’s lengthy


·         Tells you how long the survey will take

·         Based on a yes or no answer to a question other questions will pop up underneath

·         Lets you know what the aim of the survey is

·         Likert scale questions 1-5

·         Black font, white background, looks clean and organized

·         yes /no questions

·         Open ended questions


·         Some multiple choice answers aren’t exhaustive

·         After the first Likert question they don’t specify what 1 means and what 5 means

·         Can skip questions

·         Can’t go back to questions

Surveys and participation

20 Feb

As some of you may have already found it, it can be difficult to ‘recruit participants’ into even taking a piece of paper from you, much less devoting 10 minutes of their time to a survey or short experiment.

Some students have written about their own experiences with surveys in Homework #2. Many people identified personal benefit as the main incentive, while others noted that a sense of having voice or an obligation influenced their decision. No matter the reason, we essentially agreed that we would not have filled it out unless we had a fairly compelling reason to.

In a video game survey, one student noted that they felt their opinion might be made use of to make a better game. Another said that the combined forces of a) convenience, b) boredom, and c) sense of individual choice greatly influenced their decision to participate in a restaurant survey (a. pen provided, b. waiting for check, c. not pressured). One student said that they empathized with other researchers, and that was the reason why they cooperated with the survey.

Whatever the rationale for participating, you need to cooperate with your sample for them to cooperate with you. Facilitating their participation as much as possible while also providing as attractive an incentive as you can will help encourage participation. Just remember that every participant has every right to not participate, and that your goal is to make the experience interesting (or at least worthwhile, depending on your funding).

Survey Examples

11 Jan

Survey Monkey is an online resource for developing and sending surveys.

Here is a list of surveys that we have found online: