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Hi Class

16 Apr

I hope you had a nice spring break.  I have updated the paper due date and syllabus per our discussion in class.  Please be sure to be to class on time tomorrow…. it doesn’t look good if you are late or a no show the week after Spring Break. 

For class review

6 Mar

Developmental Changes in the Understanding of Temporal Sequences  Robyn Fivush & Jean Mandler

I LOVE research methods, Valentine’s day!

8 Feb

You may bring in treats for our research methods Valentine’s day party! 

Syllabus is updated based on class discussion.

Begin thinking about Lab 1 questions.




7 Feb

Dear Class,

Class assignment for today. No class today.  Class in classroom is cancelled.   this is your assignment.

Please read the following papers: Gravity does rule for falling events (2002).  Developmental Science.   Get paper on line or at Library.

Also read one paper that you select from the Journal Developmental Science or Child Development.

Bring papers to class next week.

Write a review in your log based on below.

 we highlight some answers from the class that were given on Dr.Striano’s “Pop Quiz” (spring 2010) on how to critique an empirical paper.

  • Journal’s reputation – are they a trusted and respected journal in the field? Not all journals have as rigorous a peer-review process.
  • Title- do you want to read this paper? Does title fit the paper?
  • Background of authors – who they are, from what university they operated out of.
  • Did they receive funding from any sources?  Look at acknowledgments section.  Get a feel for who and what is behind the paper.
  • Year published. How current?
  • Quality of journal.
  • The abstract is informative, concise etc.?  What is the question, what is new? Why important?
  • Clear introduction; states question : what new, why important, what is the question (not in that order). think of a funnel.
  • Clear methods. Representative sample used.
  • Logical sentence structure, correct grammar
  • Appropriate statistical analysis used. Standard deviations and confidence intervals stated.
  • Graphs do they help or hurt the reader
  • Do numbers match up?


6 Dec

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24 Oct

18 Oct

One of the best ways to do a good lab is to have a good question and to plan ahead.  What are our questions for lab four?

does the attire influence someones desire to help another person (1)

does the way you dress increase likeliness of your getting help?

does attire increase one’s likelihood of being helped?

Does type of attire a female wears influence a person’s willingness to assist her?

What is influence of security camera on stress levels?

What is effect of reward on courtesy?


what is influence of advertisement on liking a facebook page?

color, font, etc..

What is the effect of watching Jersey Shore on performing math, logic, and memorizing tests?

Does color of clothing influence cupcake color selection?